Dogs and cats love meat

Always wanted to cook for your favorite pet but you don't get around to it? At Jolipet you've come to the right place.

Jolipet originated from the idea of making bite-sized and healthy hamburgers for dogs and cats, with the same quality as if you were cooking yourself. Dogs and cats like meat, not corn flakes.

Freshfrozen meat formulated by academics

Jolipet is a freshfrozen, raw food, and contains only ingredients such as real muscle meat, lightly pre-cooked potatoes or rice, delicious blanched fruits and vegetables sourced locally, nutritious oils for an optimal omega 3 / omega 6 ratio and our own blend of vitamins and minerals to make it complete.


90% local

Jolipet is mainly made from local raw materials.

In this way we not only reduce our ecological footprint, but we also support local farmers and have much greater control over the quality of our raw materials.

By giving Jolipet, you're contributing to a better local community.


Handmade in Belgium

Jolipet is made in Mouscron (Belgium), in very small batches, by butchers, in a an artisanal way, in a yet ultramodern production.

We're proud of that!

For this we obtained the Handmade in Belgium label in 2019.


Real meat is healthier

Freshfrozen food from Jolipet is probably the healthiest food for your pet.

Research indicates that raw, freshfrozen food stimulates the intestinal flora, gives your dog a nicer coat and makes for healthier teeth.

Jolipet is a safe variant of BARF

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Do you want to know how much to give to your dog or cat?

The recommended daily amount of food (RDA) starts from the target weight of your dog or cat, an often misunderstood concept.

At Jolipet, we like things simple. That's why we've designed a simulator especially for you to make it easy to calculate.